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Is your exterior render looking dirty and stained? Has green algae growth ruined that beautiful colour that was so fresh when the render was first applied? Are the surfaces unsightly and grimy with nasty stains?

While the render looks fantastic when new, it can suffer over time to become dull and grimy. But don't worry, Uniwash Team will soon freshen it up and restore it to its full colour again with our professional render cleaning service
in Longnewton!

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Why Does Render Become Stained?

Applying render to your property is an excellent way of improving its appearance and adding an extra layer of insulation to your walls. Most renders are long-lasting, with a lifespan of between twenty and forty years!

The trouble is that our climate in Longnewton encourages algae, mould, lichen, and moss growth that clings to render, spoiling its look with black, green, yellow, or red stains. This is often more likely when the property is close to nearby trees, as the spores can easily drift across.

Atmospheric pollution adds to the problem, causing black stains on that once-beautiful coloured render.

Efflorescence (also known as lime bloom) causes chalky white deposits due to salts in the building materials used.

Nesting birds can also contribute to the problem as they leave a coating of corrosive guano (bird droppings) down the wall that will eat into the rendered surface.

Finally, the anti-social blight of graffiti can ruin the aesthetics of any building if not dealt with promptly.

Uniwash Team recognises all of these issues and has the ideal tools, skills, and methods to put things right.

Why Does Render Become Stained

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Why Should I Use A Render Cleaning Service

Why Should I Use A Longnewton Render Cleaning Service?

To put it simply: if you want the best results, use a professional render cleaning company.

You could try cleaning it yourself, but this isn't always successful. To begin with, you'll need to reach those higher parts of the wall, which is difficult and hazardous without the right equipment.

Secondly, it's hard work, especially if you're relying on a scrubbing brush, detergent, and a bucket of water to freshen up that huge expanse of wall. While it's quite easy, to begin with, most people lose enthusiasm after a short while.

Thirdly, it's unlikely that you'll ever achieve the same results as a professional render cleaning company, like Uniwash Team in Longnewton. That's because we have the right tools, training, and experience to restore rendered surfaces to like-new condition!

Finally, if you get it wrong you could damage the render, resulting in a costly repair bill. Some types of coloured render can't be patched up easily, meaning that the entire wall will have to be re-rendered.

Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
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Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!

What Does The Cleaning Process Involve?

At Uniwash Team in Longnewton, we use a selection of different cleaning methods and techniques to achieve our goals. Each one is designed to remove algae, moss, lichen, and stains of all kinds from a variety of surfaces, including rendered walls.

Here are a few methods that we use in our render cleaning projects:

What Does The Cleaning Process Involve

The DOFF Cleaning System

The TORC Cleaning System

Soft Washing

The Render Cleaning Process

How Long Does It Take To Clean Render?

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Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
Get your free estimate today!
Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
Is Render Cleaning Effective

Is Render Cleaning Effective?

Yes, definitely! We guarantee that you will be astonished by how amazingly clean your exterior rendered walls will look when we finish your cleaning project.

We will select an appropriate method that will deal with any issue, including the following:

Organic Growth


Carbon Staining

Bird Fouling

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Different Types Of Render

As specialist render cleaners, the Longnewton Uniwash Team understands that there are several different types of render, and it's important that we identify which one we are working with as some will require a different approach when it comes to cleaning.

Different Types Of Render

Modern Renders

Traditional Renders

Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
Get your free estimate today!
Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
Uniwash Team Render Cleaning Services

Uniwash Team Longnewton Render Cleaning Services

When it comes to keeping exterior walls in fantastic condition, Uniwash Team render cleaning services have the know-how, experience, and passion required to get the very best results. Our highly-trained team offers a wide range of cleaning services, including driveways, patios, playgrounds, roofs, and industrial buildings.

That's why it makes good sense to contact us when your rendered walls need attention!

As an added extra, here are a few FAQs to guide you:

How Often Should You Clean Render?

What Is The Best Way To Clean Render?

Can You Pressure Wash Render?

Does Render Cleaning Weaken The Render?

Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
Get your free estimate today!
Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to clean the render on my building?

What types of render can you clean?

Will render cleaning remove all stains and discolouration?

Can render cleaning prevent future growth of algae and moss?

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