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The humble patio has become a must-have for 1000s of homeowners across Swarland over the past few years. Although popular for decades, more people have invested in patios recently, as the trend for outdoor living has surged.

This was partly driven by the covid-19 lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 when many people discovered a new sense of appreciation for their homes and gardens after being forced to stay put.

No matter how big or small, these spaces are ideal for enjoying parties and get-togethers with friends, family, and neighbours, or simply for relaxing in the sun.

However, there's a catch: if you want your patio to be a place that you can be proud of, you need to keep it clean! This can be a difficult, frustrating, and messy job that few people enjoy.

Uniwash Team patio cleaning specialists in Swarland will handle this job for you using our expertise and top-quality cleaning equipment. We will clean your patio to a very high standard, making it a space to enjoy and show off to your friends and neighbours.

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What Types Of Patio Materials Do We Clean?

Our patio cleaning service covers all hard outdoor surfaces, including these materials:

What Types Of Patio Materials Do We Clean-min

Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Block Paving (pavers)

Paving Slabs



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What Patio Cleaning Methods Do We Use

What Patio Cleaning Methods Do We Use?

Uniwash Team provides professional patio cleaning services in Swarland that achieve perfect results each time. This is because we have tools at our disposal that are only available to trained specialists in the cleaning industry, and our staff are highly skilled and experienced.

Among the methods we use, these are some of the more popular:

DOFF Steam Cleaning

TORC Vortex Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Jet Washing (Power Washing)

Soft Washing

Rotary Cleaners

Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
Get your free estimate today!
Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process may vary according to the type of material and the condition of your patio. However, the basic schedule is the same, and it runs along these lines.

  • Initial assessment. Once we've received your original inquiry and you're happy with the quote, we set an appointment to check the site over. Although we can work from photographs, nothing beats a physical inspection of the surface to identify potential problems.
  • Selecting the equipment. We will choose an appropriate cleaning method for your patio and the team will set everything up at the scheduled time. We may need access to a water tap and an electrical outlet.
  • Preparing the area. It would help if the patio was cleared of all furniture, ornaments, toys, barbecues, plant pots, etc. However, if this is not possible for whatever reason, please advise us in advance to allow time for this to take place.
  • Patio Cleaning. The team will get to work and clean your patio to the highest possible standard. They will pay special attention to greasy areas, stubborn dirt, and stains from algae and mould. In many cases, we combine different methods to ensure that you'll be absolutely delighted with the results.
  • Applying a patio sealer. Once the patio cleaning process is complete, we will apply a suitable sealer that will protect the surface. This is optional, and you can find out more in the section about patio sealers further along.

Final checks & Clearing up. We will give your patio a final once-over to make sure it's up to standard. The team will tidy up the tools and equipment, and the patio is all yours.

The Cleaning Process

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Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
Get your free estimate today!
Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
What Are The Benefits Of Patio Cleaning

What Are The Benefits Of Patio Cleaning?

You might wonder why you need to pay someone to clean patio stones or paving slabs. After all, they're designed to be outdoors and will last for many years.

Even so, hiring a professional patio cleaner makes sense, and here's why:

It Improves Your Patio's Appearance

It Increases Your Patio's Lifespan

It Reduces Accidents

It Protects Against Pests

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How Much Does Patio Cleaning in Swarland Cost?

It depends on the size of the patio, as well as the type of material, how dirty it is, and the cleaning methods we use.

For example, a large patio that's in pretty condition might cost less than a smaller patio that's caked in dirt and lichen. Essentially, the more time and effort it takes, the higher the cost will be.

There are also additional extras to consider, such as sealing the patio surface after cleaning.

If you want a better idea of our pricing structure, call us today and we'll gladly go through this with you and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

How Much Does Patio Cleaning Cost
Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
Get your free estimate today!
Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
DIY Patio Cleaning

DIY Patio Cleaning

Thousands of people choose to clean their own patio rather than hire professional patio cleaners to do the job, and that's fine.

However, it can prove a thankless task with disappointing results. If you are relatively fit, prepared for some hard work, and you have invested in some good quality cleaning equipment, then you'll be okay.

Even so, the Uniwash Team in Swarland has a distinct advantage: we have extensive experience and access to the most up-to-date cleaning methods, tools, and equipment. While you might be content with the results of your own efforts, you can rely on us to do a very professional job and achieve perfect results every time.

Is It Worth The Risk?

Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
Get your free estimate today!
Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!

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Should You Apply A Sealer

Should You Apply A Sealer?

There's no hard and fast rule about sealing patio surfaces, but we recommend this in the majority of cases. However, it's not black and white, and there are several pros and cons to consider.

Patio Sealers: The Positives

Uniwash Team Professional Patio Cleaning Service in Swarland

When your patio is looking weathered and is caked in grime, algae, moss, and muck that's been baked hard by the sun, it's time to get in touch with the Uniwash Team.

Our fantastic cleaning service is more than a match for any dirty surface, and the team will have your patio spotless before you know it.

Uniwash Team Professional Patio Cleaning Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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