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Have you moved into a property in Seghill with painted exterior walls but you want the original brick surface restored? Is old paint flaking away from your walls, making them look tired and unappealing?

Painted brickwork is a common problem in Seghill, particularly on older properties. For example, it's rare to see an Edwardian house that wasn't painted in the fashionable colours of the time. However, countless homes have been painted since then, and not always with masonry paint, unfortunately.

At Uniwash Team, we see these problems all the time, and our experienced team has a range of specialist tools to tackle them successfully.

Paint removal from brick walls in Seghill has become extremely popular over the past few decades, for several reasons. Some people simply want to enjoy the original appearance of the beautiful brickwork, but there's another more serious side...

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Why Is Painting Bricks A Bad Idea?

The quick answer is that painting bricks will almost definitely shorten their life.

The fact is that most bricks were never designed to be painted: they are made of porous material, allowing water vapour to pass through and evaporate which helps to balance moisture levels within the walls.

Applying paint to your external brickwork effectively seals in moisture. When this moisture is trapped inside it builds up, eventually causing problems with mould, rot, and penetrating dampness.

Water also stays inside the brick, and this can continually freeze and thaw during winter, causing the surface to crack. This leads to spalling, as pieces of the brick surface break away exposing the internal matrix to the elements.

This leads to further damage and will also affect the mortar, eventually resulting in the structure becoming compromised.

Why Is Painting Bricks A Bad Idea

Never Paint Damaged Brick!

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Brick Paint Removal
Brick Paint Removal Methods

Brick Paint Removal Methods

As brick paint removal experts, Uniwash Team in Seghill has a range of tools and equipment that can be used to shift old paint, although the following examples are more widely used:

The DOFF Steam Cleaning System

The TORC Cleaning System

Soda Blasting

Can You Pressure Wash Paint Off Brick?

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How Long Does Brick Paint Removal Take?

It obviously depends on the size of the walls in question, but there are other factors to consider when brick cleaning.

For example, we need to know how many layers of paint there are and what state they're in. Also, there are different bricks that may need specialist treatment. Some old bricks are soft and might sustain damage if we use the incorrect methods. We will need to use the right approach and take our time to avoid damaging the bricks or mortar.

We also may need to erect scaffolding to provide a safe working area for our staff, which adds to the timescale.

As a general guide, allow at least a full day for an average-sized residential house in Seghill. While the actual paint removal process might only take a few hours, we need to allow time for setting up equipment and clearing the site afterward.

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The Brick Paint Removal Process

The Brick Paint Removal Process

As a professional cleaning company, we handle dozens of different scenarios and our paint removal service in Seghill is only one among many that we offer.

Each project is different, although we follow a general pattern when removing paint from brick.

The process begins with a site inspection to determine the extent of the project, the state of the paint, and the condition, type, and age of the bricks beneath. Remedial repairs may be necessary before any cleaning takes place.

We will also perform a lead test for safety reasons, depending on the age of the property.

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How Much Does Paint Removal Cost in Seghill?

Most paint removal services charge by the square metre, and costs vary by region, although there are other factors to bear in mind.

We would need to know the size of the area that needs treating, along with other details such as the state of the paint and the type of brick. This helps us to have an idea about which paint removal methods we will need to use.

Your best option is to give us a call to discuss the details, and we'll provide a free quote.

If you need a guide as to a fair price, feel free to visit trusted sites like Checkatrade for further information.

How Much Does Paint Removal Cost
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Can't I Do It Myself

Can't I Do It Myself?

It is possible, although you need to be prepared for hard work and the fact that you may not remove all the paint.

When you Google the topic, you'll find all sorts of remedies, many suggested by alleged experts in the paint removal process. This is worrying, as some suggestions are the very opposite of what you should be doing!

For example, some sites casually recommend taking a wire brush to your bricks. Please don't do this, especially if your house is very old. Doing so could seriously damage the surface.

Bleach, trisodium phosphate, and ammonia are not good idea either, no matter what some people say. You can dilute it, but if it's not washed off completely, it will leave a film on the surface. While they might remove paint, the acidic qualities of these liquids can damage the bricks if you are not careful.

There's also the risk of splashing these solutions on yourself, or the runoff from rinsing your walls may present a hazard to plants, people, pets, and wildlife.

Other sites suggest using white vinegar (or even hot vinegar!). Again, this is acidic and could harm the bricks if used in sufficient quantities and not washed off.

Finally, there are websites that recommend scrubbing your brick walls with a wire brush. Again, this is not the best idea as it could destroy the protective outer layer, exposing your bricks to damage from the elements.

Our Advice

Lead Paint: A Hidden Killer

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Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!

Should You Never Paint Bricks?

In general, it's best to leave them uncovered for all the reasons listed above.

However, there are a few cases when it's okay to paint brickwork, including the following examples:

  • When the wall was previously painted and needs refreshing - but make sure you use the right paint!
  • When you use a good quality breathable masonry paint.
  • The bricks were actually meant to be painted (usually the case with handmade bricks from before 1900) - even so, you should never use modern latex-based paints!
  • The walls have been properly checked, repaired, prepared, and sealed by a professional.

Other than this, painting exterior brickwork is very likely to cause you a lot of problems later on, and that's when you'll need to call on the Seghill Uniwash Team to come to the rescue.

Uniwash Team Paint Removal Experts

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Uniwash Team Paint Removal Experts in Seghill

While masonry paint can look amazing when done correctly and maintained properly, old paint is a headache for countless home and business owners in Seghill.

Problems with penetrating damp, black mould, mildew, and dry/wet rot are no joke, increasing repair and maintenance costs significantly for thousands of people. When you paint over brick, the risk of these problems becomes dramatically higher.

Removing paint from brick is clearly the best course of action: it will increase the lifespan of your brickwork and dramatically cut the risk of issues with dampness or mould.

When you need a paint removal service you can trust, contact the Uniwash Team and we'll restore your walls to their original condition with minimal disruption. Our methods, skills, and experience enable us to tackle any type of property, big or small, and to deal with all kinds of brickwork, no matter its condition.

Call today for your free quote and we'll form a plan of action together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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