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The humble clay brick is still an essential part of the building trade, despite the rising popularity of other materials. Most of our houses and many commercial buildings in Hawthorn are still brick-built, and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

The reason for this is that bricks are relatively cheap, they look great, and they can largely withstand environmental conditions and constant temperature changes here in Hawthorn. They also don't require a great deal of maintenance and will last for an average of five hundred years!

Having said this, they eventually begin to look stained and dirty, which is why specialist brick cleaning services, like Uniwash Team, are needed to keep them looking their best.

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Why Do Bricks Need Cleaning?

With the amount of rain we get in Hawthorn, you might think that our brick walls would be free from dirt.

Over the years, however, these surfaces come under attack from a variety of contaminants and unsightly blemishes, such as:

  • Carbon deposits from atmospheric pollutants
  • Organic matter - moss, algae, lichen, mould, and mildew
  • Graffiti
  • Smoke damage
  • Efflorescence (mineral salts that rise to the surface)
  • Bird fouling
  • Excess mortar (see new build brick cleaning below)
  • Old paint - oil or cement-based
  • Grease, oil, and waxy surface coatings
  • Chewing gum and other biological matter

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Why Do Bricks Need Cleaning

New Build Brick Cleaning In Hawthorn

Brick Cleaning Heritage Buildings In Hawthorn

Different Brick Types

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Can You Clean Brickwork Yourself

Can You Clean Brickwork Yourself?

In theory, it's reasonable to assume that most fit, able-bodied people can take a stiff brush and a bucket of soapy water and clean their own brickwork.

However, the scale of the job may be too large for some people to tackle, and certain contaminants require specialist methods and treatment. It's a fact that soap and water just won't get some of those stains off.

Also, cleaning brickwork can be tricky, particularly when dealing with old brickwork. Using the wrong method could spell disaster and cause irreparable damage!

Finally, there's the health and safety aspect to consider: you'll need to use a ladder to reach the higher areas of your walls, which is hazardous when trying to work. Also, a lot of sources recommend using brick acid (muriatic acid) which carries its own risks.

In short, while it might be possible to clean bricks yourself, it's rarely the best option, especially when Uniwash Team brick cleaning services can fulfil the task professionally and to a very high standard.

Brick Cleaning Methods To Avoid

Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
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Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!

How Do You Clean Brickwork?

There are several methods that we use for cleaning bricks, depending on their age and condition.

The following list gives an idea of the brick cleaning techniques we typically use to restore brickwork.

How Do You Clean Brickwork

DOFF Steam Cleaning

TORC Cleaning

Hot/Cold Pressure Washing

Chemical Cleaning

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Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
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Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
The Uniwash Team Brick Cleaning Process-min

The Uniwash Team Brick Cleaning Process

For residential and commercial customers alike, we offer a professional brick cleaning service that restores your walls to 'like new' condition.

The process begins with an assessment of the site to ascertain the full extent of the job and the state of the surfaces in question. We will take note of any safety concerns and determine whether special equipment is required for reaching upper levels. Scaffolding or mobile working platforms are usually the best options.

Any damage will be recorded and we will advise whether remedial repairs are required before we start work.

We also decide at this stage which cleaning techniques are appropriate for getting the bricks cleaned and then we arrange a suitable time and date to start work.


Brick Cleaning

Final Inspection

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How Much Does Brick Cleaning in Hawthorn Cost?

The total cost will vary according to many factors, including the brick cleaning method used, the size of the job, and the condition of the brickwork. Your location also plays a part, as brick cleaning companies in London and the Southeast generally charge more for their services.

When you contact us to provide the full details, we can assess all of the information and offer you a free quote at no obligation.

How Much Does Brick Cleaning Cost
Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
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Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
How Long Does Brick Cleaning Take

How Long Does Brick Cleaning Take?

We can generally finish a small house within a day, maybe even in a few hours, but it depends on several factors, size being the most obvious. Commercial buildings usually take longer (on average, about a week) because they are typically larger.

The age and condition of the bricks will have a bearing as we would need to take more care when treating an Edwardian house, for example, than one built only a couple of decades ago.

However, we fully understand that you want us out of the way as soon as possible and we aim to limit any disruption. Thankfully, many of our methods cause very little noise and mess and will clean the brickwork quickly and efficiently.

Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!
Get your free estimate today!
Refresh Your Property with Professional Cleaning!

Uniwash Team Brick Cleaning Services in Hawthorn

When your home or commercial property's brickwork looks dirty and needs cleaning, get in touch with Uniwash Team. Our professional brick cleaning service ensures perfect results with every project. We are an accredited safe contractor-approved company, meaning that you can book our services with confidence.

Uniwash Team Brick Cleaning Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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